Field Trial and Hunting Dogs

Wildspirits dogs are not only Field Trial dogs but wonderful rough-shooting dogs. They are part of our family and do not live in kennels but live as family members in the home. Finding the balance between getting qualifications at at Field Trials, actively participating in rough shoots and being awesone companion dogs is the aim.

By focusing in this manner on good working lines, we have bred a large number of dogs from these foundations, who actively and successfully compete at all the different levels of Retriever Field Trials … the Wildspirit name appears strongly in every Field Trial catalogue as well as progeny of Wildspirit dogs working very successfully as rough-shootng dogs. A number of Wildspirit progeny have gone into other working disciplines as they are bred to work and love to do their job.

The Wildspirit Kennel takes pride in being able to say that the greater majority of puppies bred from our lines have ended up working as hunting or Field Trial dogs. They also make wonder family members for people who love to have their fur friend very much part of their active family.